01 Overview

623ZZ Miniature & Instrument Series, Chrome Steel Ball Bearing

Model: 623ZZ
  1. Also available in 52100 Chrome Steel
  2. ABEC Grades 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 are available. Also, the equivalent ISO classes.
  3. Two metal shields = (ZZ), also available with a single metal shield = (Z).

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03 Product Description

623ZZ Miniature Ball Bearings in Metric have deep groove geometry for high speeds and supporting both radial and axial loads. The 623zz Metric Miniature Ball Bearings are for use in applications that involve combined radial and axial loads and a need for high running accuracy at high rotational speeds. For instance, 623ZZ is often used in motors, ATMs as well as Card Readers. In Food & Beverage Industry, 623ZZ is also popular. More applications about 623zz are as follows.

General Selection Factors must be considered for choosing miniature ball bearings. These factors include the ring material, design, shields and seals, cage, Annual Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) grade, radial play, and lubricant. Miniature bearings are available in open, sealed and shielded configurations. Seals and shields are used in miniature bearings (specifically ball bearings) to retain lubricants and prevent particulate contamination from reaching critical surfaces. Seals are used where minimal light contact is offered. Seals for miniature bearings provide deterrence to particulate contamination, but increase torque and limit operating speeds. Shields are used in most applications.

Simplify Specifications

Nominal shaft diameter 6
Nylon cage
Standard type LM6UU
Number of steel ball rows 4
Weight (g) 7.6
Gap adjustment type LM6UU-AJ
Number of steel ball rows 4
Weight (g) 7.5
Open type
Number of steel ball rows
Weight (g)
Main dimensions and tolerances
Width Tolerance -0.12mm to 0
Ring Material 52100 Chrome Steel
Ball Material 52100 Chrome Steel
Cage Material 300 Series Stainless Steel
Shield Material 300 Series Stainless Steel
Dynamic Radial Load (Cr) 120.6 lbf
Static Radial Load (Cor) 39.375 lbf
Max Speed (Grease) 50 x 1000 rpm
Max Speed (Oil) 60 x 1000 rpm
Lubrication Required
Shaft Mount Type Press Fit
Temperature Range -30° to 110 °C
ABEC Rating ABEC1 (Available in ABEC3/5/7)
Radial Clearance Trade No. MC3 (Available in MC1/2/4/5/6)
Radial Clearance 0.002mm to 0.013mm
Ball Dia 1.5880 mm
Ball Qty 7
Weight 1.65g
RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant


Typical Applications

  • Motors, Flow Meters, Medical Instruments, Vacuum Pumps, Robotics Industry
  • Crossbow, Food & Beverage Industry, Automation & Industry, Anemometer
  • ATMs & Card Readers, Galvanometers, Gas Meters, Industrial Encoders
  • Industrial Meters, Optical Encoders, Plastic Card Printers, Surveillance Systems
  • Fuel Controls, Gyros synchros, Servos, Cryogenic Coolers, Pulmonary Assist Devices
  • Clocks, Instrumentation, Drones and model, Fishing Reels


Packing Solutions

  • By Industry Packing + Export Carton + Pallet/Wooden Box
  • Commercial Individual Packing – VCI bag + Paper Box (White or OEM colorful) + Export carton + Pallet/Wooden Box


Delivery Solutions

  • By Sea for mass cargo (GW > 300KGS)
  • By Air (GW between 100KGS – 300 KGS)
  • By Express, such as DHL, TNT, Fedex and UPS for small cargo ( GW < 100KGS)


Advantages of Working with NPBearings.com Company

  • Buying at a profit. Direct manufacturer always offer you products with lowest prices
  • Fast shipping. Industrial cluster advantages make our material purchase and producing efficiently. Truck and rail logistics enable us to deliver goods to the port as fast as possible
  • Quality guarantee — guarantee 100% full quality inspection before delivery
  • Small order accept
  • Service offered


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