NPB Brand Bearings

NPB® Bearings is much more than just a supplier of world renowned brands and world-class professional services for bearings and related products. NPB® Bearings is committed to providing “Value beyond bearing” to all of its customers. This commitment of providing extraordinary value also extends to supplying NPB brand bearings- an extraordinary combination of quality, pricing, and availability.

As a well-known Chinese bearing manufacturer, NPB® Bearings has long-term good relations with a large number of U.S. and European companies. There are even a lot of customers have been cooperating with us more than 15 years. We can provide these customers information, you can know us better on the quality of NPB Brand Bearings and services through our regular customers!

NPB® main goal is to have happy customers. We are not only a manufacturer and OEM supplier of R/C and NPB Brand Bearings, we are also hobbyists that understand what your needs are.

NPB® Bearings is our retail outlet for individual hobby bearings and bearing kits. We offer the absolute highest quality NPB Brand Bearings for an incredibly discounted price. Our items include Rubber Sealed bearings, Metal Shielded, Open, and Flanged. We offer quality metal bearings as well as ceramic.

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