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Now China bearings have been recognized by more and more countries and regions!
May 12 , 2022
Now China bearings have been recognized by more and more countries and regions!

At present, the United States has always been the largest market for China's bearing exports, and its export share is also increasing year by year.

The product technology and quality level of China bearings are very suitable for developing countries and emerging industrial countries. The next few years will be a critical period for developing countries to gradually transition to industrialization, and their demand for bearings will increase exponentially. At present, China's bearing exports to developing countries such as Latin America and Africa only account for about 5% of the total export value.

The Latin American market is the South American market. Due to the relatively backward economy, especially the industry, in the region, the demand for its bearing market is only 3% of the global market. The Latin American bearing market is dominated by Brazil and Argentina, and the main demand is for bearings for automobiles, agricultural machinery and mining equipment. In recent years, the export value of China bearings to the Brazilian and Argentine markets has increased year by year, and the growth rate has been relatively large.

In the Asian market, Japan is the largest market for China bearing exports. Mainly because in recent years, its development has focused on high value-added bearings, and ordinary bearings mainly rely on imports. The quality of ordinary bearing products in China is comparable to that of Japanese products, and the price is low.

Hong Kong, South Korea, Southeast Asia and China used to be the re-export trade areas for China bearing products. This area has become the main processing area for the combination of emerging technologies and labor-intensive products such as micro and small household appliances and computers. Export prospects are bright.
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