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Medical Device Bearings

Precision medical devices are exposed to extreme environments due to miniaturization and corrosive chemicals. The PQB Bearing Company supplies corrosion resistant bearings made from stainless steels, ceramics, plastics and lubricants to handle highly caustic and demanding applications. PQB Bearings has been supplying bearings for medical devices since 2002. Our specialty is offering resistance to chemicals, temperature and wear.

Ceramic balls are used in check valves for oxygen pumps. Those pumps are used in ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and respirators.

Our special zirconia is stronger than titanium and it is just as compatible as titanium with the body. This special ceramic has lower plaque adhesion than titanium, better soft tissue response and no chance for grey shine through the gums with zirconia. Even with zirconia abutments on top of titanium implants, you can still get some gum recession and the titanium grey will shine through. Our implant is metal free as well.

Medical Device Needle and One Way Bearings

The PQB Bearing Company has helped numerous medical device manufacturers with their One Way and Needle bearing needs. One Way Bearings are designed to transmit torque between the shaft and housing in one direction and allow free motion in the opposite direction. Many medical devices require consistent unidirectional control for accurate diagnostics or patient care.

  • Compact and lightweight for miniaturization of medical devices
  • Suitable for transmitting high torque in a small space
  • Available in 440 and 316 Stainless Steel for sterilization
  • Sprag type with keyways for extreme torque applications
  • Cutters, Staplers, Probes, Centrifuges etc.
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