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  • Industrial Bearings

    PQB® Bearings is one of the most trusted names in industrial bearing supply. The reduction of rolling resistance and conservation of energy has been our hallmark since 2002. PQB® Bearings never has a minimum order for wholesale accounts. It is a one stop shop for everything from prototyping … More About Industrial Bearings

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  • Design Engineering Bearings

    Design engineers have counted on the PQB Bearing Company to provide technical bearing support since 2002. PQB Bearings can support product designers with bearing design, selection, prototyping and performance enhancement. Because of our extensive in stock inventory, we are able to quickly provide engineers the bearings they need quickly for R&D. When it comes time for production the PQB Bearin...

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  • Medical Device Bearings

    Precision medical devices are exposed to extreme environments due to miniaturization and corrosive chemicals. The PQB Bearing Company supplies corrosion resistant bearings made from stainless steels, ceramics, plastics and lubricants to handle highly caustic and demanding applications. PQB Bearings has been supplying bearings for medical devices since 2002. Our specialty is offering resistance to ...

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  • Canning, Seaming & Bottling Industrial Bearings

    PQB Bearing Company specializes in specialty bearing solutions for some of the most demanding applications. Canning, seaming and bottling can subject traditional steel bearings to constant washdown conditions, high temperatures, high pressures and more. Ceramic balls for seaming rolls are also available. With PQB Bearings Company's innovative bearing and lubrication solutions you can be confident ...

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  • Electric Motor Bearings

    Electric motors have become the standard for industrial, medical and hobby power generation. Electric motor, deep groove bearings are what allows these motors to perform quietly and consistently for many years without interruption. The PQB Bearing Company offer a full line of miniature and standard bearings suited for use in Electric Motors. Electric motor bearings must be capable of handling high...

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  • Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) Bearings

    PQB Bearings offers a full line of deep groove, Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) bearings. Electric Motor (EMQ) bearings are designed and and Noise Tested (NT) to a noise quality standard. All EMQ Bearings are available in C3 Fit (with limited sizes available in C4 fit). We now stock 8MM (Milimeter) to 100MM Bores in the 6000, 6200, 6300, 6800, 6900 series. We allso offer Standard and specialty Metric...

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  • Food Machinery Bearings

    PQB Bearings is proud to introduce their new and expanded line of full ceramic bearings, ceramic hybrid bearings and specialty lubricants specifically designed for the food processing and food packaging industries. Some of the most pressing issues facing the food manufacturing industry today are controlling costs and food safety. Stainless steel bearings, full ceramic bearings and ceramic hybrid b...

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  • Measurement & Metrology Equipment Bearings

    PQB Bearing Company can supply many different precision balls for use in measurement and metrology equipment. Ceramic balls, steel balls and tungsten carbide balls are commonly used for calibration and metrology applications. Common applications include spindle evaluation, go/no-go plug gauges and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Precision balls are used in Spindle evaluation for lathes, millin...

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  • Photonics & Optics Manufacturing Industrial Bearings

    The science of photonics includes the emission, transmission, amplification, detection, and modulation of light. The manufacture of photonic devices requires the alignment of components that transmit signals by light through fiber optic cables. Best suited to laser technology, photonics applications include laser welding and marking of packages, transmitters, receivers, and passive devices. Advanc...

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  • Refrigerant Compressor Bearings

    Ceramic hybrid bearings are ideally suited for use in refrigerant compressors. Ceramic hybrid bearings do not require any lubrication to run and can be lubricated directly by the refrigerant instead of oil. A recent study found that all-steel bearings started to show inadequate lubrication signs at levels of 20% to 30% dilution of refrigerant to oil. Tests were done with ceramic hybrid bearings in...

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  • Wastewater Treatment Industrial Bearings

    PQB Bearings Company’s ceramic bearings require little to no lubrication or other maintenance and are ideally suited for use in waste water treatment machinery such as water processing machinery including pumps, flow meters, filtration and hydraulic equipment. These bearings are virtually maintenance free, and will therefore minimize bearing related down time of plant equipment. Facilities around ...

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