Yo-yo miniature deep groove rolling ball bearings
Mar 07 , 2022
Yo-yo miniature deep groove rolling ball bearings

The yo-yo miniature deep groove rolling ball bearing is a kind of rolling ball bearings specially made for yo-yo (also called yo-yo).

The first World Yo-Yo Championship (WYYC) was held in London, England in 1932 and was won by Harvey Lowe. The competition was not held every year until 1992, when it was held at the annual International Jugglers' Association (IJA) exhibition in Montreal, Canada. From then until 1999, the annual WYYC was held at this exhibition. In 2000, the WYYC was held at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and the following year's competition was held at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando. Since then, the competition has been held here every year until 2014, which has been held in rotation between different venues on various continents.

After many years of continuous innovation and development by players, yo-yo is becoming a hand-skilled sport that is popular all over the world.

Ordinary type yo-yo miniature deep groove rolling ball bearings, Ordinary type yo-yo rolling ball bearings, which mostly use deep groove ball bearings made of bearing steel. This kind of rolling ball bearing has a high speed, most of which are open, and some are sealed.

Special type yo-yo deep groove ball bearing, The special type yo-yo deep groove ball bearing, which belongs to the non-standard type of inch bearing. The outer circle is U-shaped, also known as KK ball bearing, to make the speed of the yo-yo rolling bearing much more smoother.

Special reinforced yo-yo rolling ball bearing, Special reinforced yo-yo rolling ball bearing, which is also called high-precision KK bearing. As the name implies, it is a KK bearing with relatively high precision. Precision and material are the main factors affecting the performance of the bearing, which directly determine the price of the bearing. Other bearings are long. The biggest advantage of this special bearing is that when playing the ball, the rope will be in the center of the bearing as much as possible, reducing the friction between the rope and the ball wall.

Yo-yo rolling ball bearing installation:

1. Unscrew the yo-yo, pass the rolling ball bearing through the middle, and then screw the other half of the yo-yo until it stops. 

NOTE: Never over-rotate.

2. Please apply a small amount of Yoyo grease and Yoyo maintenance oil on the side of the rolling shaft and ball bearing. Please note that if you apply too much, it will stick to the rope and affect the play.
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