What is a roller bearing?
May 20 , 2022
What is a roller bearing?

A rolling bearing is a precise mechanical element that converts the sliding friction between the running shaft and the shaft seat into rolling friction, thereby reducing friction loss.

The radial bearing in rolling bearing (mainly bearing radial force) usually consists of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, rolling element and rolling element cage. The inner ring is tightly sleeved on the journal and rotates with the shaft, and the outer ring is installed in the bearing seat hole. Raceways are formed on both the outer circumference of the inner ring and the inner circumference of the outer ring. When the inner and outer rings rotate relative to each other, the rolling elements roll on the raceways of the inner and outer rings, and they are separated by the cage to avoid mutual friction.

Thrust roller bearing is divided into two parts: tight ring and moving ring. The tight ring is tight with the shaft sleeve, and the moving ring is supported on the bearing seat. Rings and rolling elements are usually made of rolling bearing steel with high strength and good wear resistance, and the surface hardness after quenching should reach HRC60-65. The cage is mostly made of mild steel stamping, and can also be made of copper alloy cloth plastic.

The function of the outer ring is to cooperate with the bearing seat and play a supporting role; the rolling element is evenly distributed between the inner ring and the outer ring by means of the cage, and its shape, size and quantity directly affect the performance and life of the rolling bearing. The cage of a roller bearing can make the rolling elements evenly distributed and guide the rolling elements to rotate for lubrication.
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