What is a pressure bearing?
May 09 , 2022
What is a pressure bearing?

Pressure bearing is the abbreviation of axial pressure bearing, which bears axial force. A new type of special bearing for the front axle vertical shaft of the oil injection pressure bearing automobile can add lubricating oil to the ball body through the oil injection nozzle, thereby increasing the bearing life.

The pressure bearing carries part of the weight of the body, and the vibrations generated during driving will impact the pressure bearing through the suspension. Therefore, try to choose a road with good road conditions when driving, and pay attention to avoid potholes or stones on the road as much as possible.

When encountering a speed bump, pay attention to slow down and reduce the number of road teeth at the same time. The same reason will cause a great impact on the pressure bearing.

Try not to turn the steering wheel of ball bearing because the adhesion of the tires to the ground is the largest when the vehicle is stationary, and the pressure on the pressure bearing is also the largest. Turning the steering wheel of ball bearing at this time will accelerate the wear of the pressure bearing and reduce its life.

The advantages of pressure bearings are as follows:

1. The use of balls to replace the conical roller body avoids the extrusion deformation of the conical roller body.

2. Replace the sheath with a thick round sleeve to improve the strength and facilitate processing.

3. Add a grease nipple on the round sleeve to make it easy to grease.

4. It is more convenient to maintain and has a longer service life.
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