What is a dental drill bearing?
Mar 17 , 2022
What is a dental drill bearing?

Few people may know such bearings, and general dentists may know more, because dental drill bearings are mainly used for special bearings for dental dentists' mobile phones,

There is a key component on the dental handpiece, which is called the high-speed dental drill assembly. The high-speed turbine dental drill handpiece bearing is a mechanical bearing composed of shafts, worm gears, spring chucks, spring washers, back covers, shells, rolling bearings, rubber positioning rings and other parts. The rolling bearings used are called dental drill bearings. The turbine, the bearing and the shaft are in interference fit and are driven by compressed air to rotate at a high speed, driving the spring chuck and drill bit installed in the shaft hole to work.

High-speed dental drill ball bearing for high-speed dental drill mobile phone, ultra-low vibration, ultra-low noise; corrosion resistance, no rust. It can be exchanged with the bearings in dental drill handpieces produced in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.

When the dental drill bearing is installed, the best interference between the bearing internal control and the shaft is 0~2μm. The circular deviation value of the shaft should be less than 2μm. The force of pressing the shaft into the inner hole of the bearing should directly act on the inner ring of the miniature bearing, and should not act through the steel ball or the groove sleeve of the ferrule, so as not to damage the bearing accuracy. After a pair of bearings are installed on the turbine, the turbine and bearings should be cleaned before being installed in the machine head, and then the lubricating oil should be dripped (the cleaning solution cannot use acetone or ethanol). When installing the dental drill bearing into the handpiece, a certain axial pre-load (1~2N) should be applied to a pair of bearings to obtain ideal high-speed performance.

After the installation of the dental drill bearing is completed, check that the shaft cannot move in series in the axial direction, and the bearing rotates flexibly. If the axial pre-load is too tight or too loose, replace the washer or increase or decrease the washer to ensure the correct pre-load after the bearing is installed and prevent the dental drill bearing from slipping or spinning at high speed. The normal operation and service life of dental drill bearings are closely related to the maintenance of the turbine head. In the clinical use of high-speed dental drills, the turbine head should be cleaned and maintained every day. Before use, the turbine head should be removed and added with cleaning fluid, and then installed. Keep the drill pin fixed by hand, and pass on the compressed air for a few seconds to clean and lubricate before use.

Dental drill bearing material performance characteristics

1. Bearing material is critical to its accuracy, performance and life. The bearing ring material of high-speed turbine dental drill handpiece should be made of special anti-corrosion stainless steel.

2. Strict bearing processing technology is the key to the success of the product. The bearing ring processing technology should be optimized according to the structural characteristics and technical requirements of the high-speed dental drill bearing, and the reasonable process allowance, dust-proof structure and key characteristic parameters should be determined, and the design should be suitable for CNC A solid crown-shaped cage processed by a lathe at one time.
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