How to choose the one-way bearing of the money counting machine ?
Apr 06 , 2022
How to choose the one-way bearing of the money counting machine ?

The one-way bearing of the money counting machine is a kind of one-way needle bearing and belongs to the clutch category. The clutch has the smallest radial section height in the device, which often used to transmit high turns due to its optimal use of space moment.

For the one-way bearing of the banknote money counting machine, it must have the following characteristics:

1. The rotation should be quite flexible without blocking phenomenon.

2. long service life.

3. the noise should be the lowest.

4. Concentricity should be high. Because the money counter is directly related to the money on the bearing, there can be no problem at all.

There are generally two situations for the installation of bearings:
1: The bearing is pressed into the metal seat hole (copper, aluminum)
2. Press directly into the plastic parts.

It should be noted that one-way bearings with a smooth outer ring of the bearing can be used to press into the metal seat hole, but the dimensional accuracy of the outer diameter of the bearing should be high, the ovality should be better, and the characteristics of the seat hole material should also be considered. Some manufacturers press the bearing directly into the plastic parts in order to save costs. In this case, it is necessary to use a one-way needle roller bearing with a pattern on the outer ring or an angle to prevent the bearing from slipping when it contacts with the plastic part. Take an example: Now the one-way bearing used in general money counters is HF0812, single HF0812 has a light outer ring, HIFO812R suffix with R stands for outer ring knurling. The prefix is EWC. The IWC belongs to the outer ring hexagon type (EWC0812).
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