How much do you know about miniature precision fan bearings ?
Mar 30 , 2022
How much do you know about miniature precision fan bearings ?

Miniature Precision fan bearing is a type of deep groove bearings, which refers to the type of deep groove bearings used by air-cooled radiator fans.

In mechanical engineering, there are many types of deep groove bearings, but only a few are used in radiator products: sleeve rolling bearings using sliding friction, ball bearings using rolling friction, and a mixture of the two bearing types. Oil-impregnated bearings and ball bearings are mainly used on ordinary air-cooled radiators.

Oil-impregnated bearings are sleeve rolling bearings that use sliding friction and use lubricating oil as lubricants and drag reducing agents. They have low operating noise and low manufacturing costs during initial use.

However, such bearings are severely worn and have a long lifespan compared to ball bearings. And this kind of bearing is used for a long time. Due to the oil seal (computer radiator products cannot use high-grade oil seals, usually ordinary paper oil seals), the lubricating oil will gradually evaporate, and the dust will also enter the bearing, causing the fan The speed becomes slower, the noise increases, etc.

In serious cases, the eccentricity of the fan will cause severe vibration due to bearing wear. When these phenomena occur, either open the oil seal and refuel, or just eliminate the need to buy a new fan.

The ball bearing changes the friction mode of the bearing and adopts rolling friction, which more effectively reduces the friction between the bearing surfaces, effectively improves the service life of the fan deep groove bearing, and thus prolongs the service life of the radiator. The disadvantage is that the process is more complicated, resulting in increased costs.
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