Here's What You Need to Know About Steel Linear Bearings
Dec 28 , 2021

Steel Linear bearings are distinguished from radial bearings by their sliding rather than rotary motion. Linear bearings are used in machine tool applications such as sliding doors, 3D printers, and automation settings where reducing friction and guiding linear motion are needed.

Steel Linear bearings slide on a linear axis in a straight line. As Steel Linear bearings, they allow you to move a significant amount of weight in a linear motion with great ease. The linear bearing takes all the weight without restricting the linear motion of the object, hence their name.

Whether it’s a Steel Linear bearings guide, telescopic slide, or actuator, Steel Linear bearings are critical for designing motion systems and automation equipment. Each industry has its own particular motion needs. While automated warehouses require robots to handle considerable weight, the railway industry is designing sliding doors that can withstand continuous vibration. Aerospace engineers are using specifically designed linear bearings that are lightweight by design.

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