Bearing Custom Packaging

Bearing Custom PackagingNPB® Bearings provides a variety of secure and cost-efficient Bearing Custom Packaging solutions to insure the most essential protection and preservation of our products.  It is our goal to provide you the packaging to accomodate your shipping and production needs… to make you more efficient and cost effective.  Some examples of Bearing Custom Packaging from NPB® Bearings include:

  • Pill Pack:  Bearings are individually packaged in plastic compartments 10 or more compartments per strip. The bearing number, customer part number, lubrication and date can be marked on the face of each compartment.
  • Individual Box:  Each bearing is placed in an individual plastic bag or plastic-faced brown paper and then placed in individual boxes. Each box can be labeled with information per customer’s request.

Other types of packaging will be considered per customer’s request.  Please contact us with your packaging needs and see how NPB® Bearings can provide you “value beyond Bearing“.