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Bearing Lubrication and Relubrication

Bearing Lubrication plays a vital role in the performance and life of rolling element bearings. A Bearing Lubrication that is designed for specific operating conditions will provide a load bearing wear protective film. The ideal condition is when the friction surfaces are separated by this film. In addition to providing this load bearing film, the Bearing Lubrication should also allow for the dissipation of frictional heat thus preventing overheating of the bearing and deterioration of the lubricant and provide protection from corrosion, moisture, and the ingress of contaminants.

Why Bearing Re-lubrication?

However, frequently bearings come from the factory with a Bearing Lubrication other than desired. In the interest of time, availability, and the assurance of suitable product, often bearing relubrication (re-lube) is the most cost effective solution. Furthermore, lubricants sometimes will breakdown before the bearings themselves. It is also economical at times to relubricate a bearing rather than to scrap it. Lastly, may of PQB®’s customers have unique applications that require specialty lubricants, even customized ones. These are just some of the instances where bearing cleaning and re-lube can be the best solution.

PQB® Bearings’ Relubrication Facilities

Our largest Bearing Lubrication facilities in the country including Class 10,000 clean rooms with Class 100 work stations. Our Bearing Lubrications pecialists work with virtually hundreds of different lubricants, including those that are mil-spec qualified. We can also formulate custom lubricants to meet the needs of unusual applications.

Our facilities were designed specifically for the custom cleaning and relubrication of commercial and precision ball bearings. This facility is comprised of three separate units:

1. GRAY ROOM: Employed for the preparation of bearings for the subsequent cleaning procedures, as well as the relubrication of commercial grade bearings.

2.WASH ROOM: Houses all of the generic and proprietary cleaning equipment utilized in the processes of cleaning bearings in preparation for relubrication.

3.CLEAN ROOM: A class 10,000 clean room facility with class 100 laminar flow work stations, both of which are Certified to Federal Standard 209E. This facility is utilized for the relubrication, testing and final inspection of precision ball bearings.

Our facilities process millions of ball bearings annually and routinely lubricate bearings with standard or exotic lubricants to exacting specifications. Please contact us.

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