RC Car and Truck Bearings

RC Car and Truck Bearings

NPBEARINGS® Bearings stock many RC Car and Truck Bearings for use in radio control cars, slot cars, planes, boats and helicopters as well as model trains. Most of the applicable sizes will be found in the miniature (metric or inch) bearing catalogue section. Check thin-section bearings for anything bigger. Thrust bearings are listed separately.

Whether you’re a competitive RC Car and Truck enthusiast or just someone who enjoys beating the pants off your buddies, we’ve got the RC bearings for you! NPBEARINGS® Bearings stock bearings for both electric or gas powered RC vehicles and have consistently been ahead of the pack with new and innovative solutions for your RC needs.

Reducing rolling resistance and conserving energy has been our hallmark. We offer a full line of standard & ceramic hybrid bearings specifically suited to RC Cars and Trucks. Various ABEC tolerances, radial plays, retainer styles and seal/shield configurations are available. To make things easier for you we have compiled bearing kits and listed them according to the manufacturer and model of the RC Car and Truck Bearings that will fit.

The standard line of clutch bell bearings consists of our tried and true series. The bearing has proven to be far superior to stock bearings and can handle plenty of clutch bell abuse. Our clutch bell bearings have become an industry standard and are perfect for clutch environments where excessive heat is not an issue. The bearings are maintenance free and lubed for the life of the bearing. This is the most economical, long term solution for RC hobbyists.

As RC drivers continue their quest for more speed and better performance, the clutch bell is a constant source of problems due to excessive heat buildup. The heat levels cause the steel balls to expand and subjects the retainer to a tremendous amount of abuse, as a result the bearings fail prematurely. For the expert driver looking for the best performance the ideal solution to the retainer issue is to do away with it altogether. Our full complement, ceramic hybrid bearing is the ultimate clutch bell bearing designed with the serious racer in mind. These Ceramic Hybrid bearings come with top of the line Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls, which are several times harder than steel and are virtually frictionless. Because Ceramic is impervious to heat there are no issues with the balls expanding as temperatures rise giving this bearing a life expectancy of 5 times that of a standard bearing

RC Car & Truck Orange Seal Ceramic bearing kits are the true secret weapon for serious RC racers. ABEC #7 tolerances makes the Orange Seal line the closest precision tolerance that Bearings has to offer. The removable, non-contact rubber seals results in a bearing with less drag and that requires less maintenance than a typical shielded bearing. The Grade 5 ceramic Si3N4 balls will allow the bearing to be lighter and spin 50% faster than a traditional steel bearing. Supplied with AF2 oil for on road or clean environments. Free seal replacements are supplied upon request.


Size: all RC bearings of inner dimension 1 mm – 30 mm
Closures: Metal Shielded, Rubber Seals, Teflon seals, Open Type
Material: Chrome Steel, Stainless Steel, Hybrid Ceramic & Full Ceramic RC Bearing
Tolerance Grades: ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 are available. Also, the equivalent ISO classes.

Why do you choose to purchase RC Car and Truck Bearings?

As we know, numerous chinese suppliers of hobby wheel bearing can be found on the Internet for any client. It seems, every supplier will state that they are your best choice. Why do you choose to purchase RC miniature bearing? The answers are as follows:

1. Quality guarantee Every bearing for RC will be strictly tested before delivery. Our test controllers will check all the functions of every RC ball bearings.Every bearings for RC you buy has went through integrated production and strict test.
2. Price Although our quality is very reliable, the price of RC bearings is quite low. Due to the huge output and strict management, our cost is reduced. So we can supply every client with the most competitive price. Please notice that we are professional manufacturer, not the distributor, you can get more profit if you direct buying from us.
3. Package Generally, we have our own standard for package, if you have special requirements, we can also satisfy you, we always try our best to meet the needs of our customer.
4. Production capacity So far, our output for RC miniature bearings is 20,000pcs per day. We are one of the biggest manufacturer for RC stainless steel bearing in China No matter how big your order is, we can deliver items in a short time.
5. After-sales service I believe this is a concerned question for every client. At present, our customers include some famous manufacturer of RC car, and hundreds of distributor, we will never ignore any requirements of our customer, reputation is of great importance to us.
6. Stock With over 200,000 RC car ball bearings in stock and over 1,000 FULL small RC bearings sets available right now you can be confident we will have the RC wheel bearings for your needs

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