RC Brushless Motor Bearings

RC Brushless Motor Bearings is with low noise bearings (EMQ or V2) and extra low noise bearings (EMQ2 or V3) can be supplied for noise or vibration critical applications. These include miniature motors such as hard disk drive motors, servo motors, encoders, vcr capstan motors, vcr drum spindles and polygonal mirror scanner motors.

RC Brushless Motors have revolutionized the UAV & RC racing industries with a cutting edge, high powered alternative to nitro engines. NPB® Bearings has put together aftermarket and upgrade replacement RC Brushless Motor bearings to compliment these new work horses.

Reducing rolling resistance and conserving energy has been our hallmark. We offer a full line of standard & ceramic hybrid bearings specifically designed for today’s RC Brushless Motors. Various ABEC tolerances, radial plays, retainer styles and seal/shield configurations are available. To make things easier for you we have compiled bearing kits and listed them according to the RC Brushless Motor manufacturer and model.

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