Dental Bearings

NPB® Bearings is a specialized manufacturer of miniature dental bearings. We have super precision miniature bearings for most dental/medical applications. These dental bearings are of the highest quality and precision with operational tolerances exceeding ABEC-7 (High speed instrument bearings). In addition to the standard lubricants we offer the Lube-No-More* grease pack to help minimize maintenance while ensuring long life.

With advances in bearing design, dental hand piece bearings have evolved to give extended life and performance possibilities. With the increasingly economic options for ceramic components, many dental designs have ceramic elements although this is by no means the ultimate answer to all dental requirements.

Introduction of Dental Bearings

With the development of the medical technology, nowadays there are many designs of dental drills available, however, each have the same basic features, including turbine, a handpiece, couplings, and a drill bit. The high speed drilling is activated by an air turbine. These devices convert highly pressurized air into the mechanical energy, enabling drill bits to rotate over 400,000 to 450,000 rpm.

The drill bit, is the most important part of the dental drill. It is short and highly durable, able to withstand high speed rotation and the heat that is subsequently generated. Its air turbine engine is sandwiched between two pieces of high speed bearing as an entire unit encased in the drill head, directly or by a series of drive shafts and gears to drive the drill bit. The bearings thus become to the crucial elements for achieving the top rotating speed. Consequently, the bearing’s precision, ring materials, structures, rolling elements, raceways, diameters and cage materials have direct impacts on the dental drills’s capabilities. To have a reliable partner of supplying dental bearings would be important to any dental drill and dental handpiece manufacturers.

Dental Bearing Features

NPB® Bearings has been a successful pioneer in the researching, developing and manufacturing of mechanical and electrical high-speed bearings, especially in producing high precision miniature dental bearings. Our dental drill bearing series have below outstanding features:

1.Real 450,000 rpm operation speed:

Real 450,000 rpm speed
Dedicated P4/ABEC 7 precision
Stainless steel (440C) & Ceramic (Si3N4)
Textile laminated fiber reinforced phenolic cage

Dentist has recognised that the pains during treatment could be reduced significantly if the drill bit be able to reach an extremely high rotating speed. As far as the speed is concerned, presently the 450,000 rpm is the internationally recognised highest figure under a normal working order. There are less than 10 manufacturers are able to produce their dental bearings at such top standard, however, we are one of them. NPB® Bearings always insist on the highest class of bearings, through thousands of prototyping, now our dental bearing series is able to sustain the 450,000 rpm speed either in a serious quality test or under a real operation.

2.Dedicated P4/ABEC 7 bearing precision:

Aside from the 450,000 rpm speed, whether can achieve P4/ABEC 7 bearing precision is another crucial factor to measure a bearing manufacturer’s strength. Although a lot of factories label their products at P4/ABEC 7 precision, it’s easy to find out the P5 (ABEC5) / P6 (ABEC3) precision actually is the highest level they are able to match. The counterfeit bearing usually stays at a surprised price, but its inherent inferior quality and low precision will bring great damages to the machines or equipments. According to statistics, over 60% bearing market is flooded by the counterfeits. Due to the restrictions of materials and production technique, most counterfeits’ rigidness can’t reach the national bearing standards, distortion will be encountered during operation. It will finally shorten the service life of the instrument and result in damages on other parts. The unexpected gap between the different ABEC levels may also lead to difficulties of assembly and even scrap the entire equipment. NPB® Bearings never stopped pursuing the cutting-edge bearing precision from the beginning as Honda’s supplier. Nowadays, we have overtaken most top bearing manufacturers, truly achieved P4/ABEC 7 level and even provided P2/ABEC 9 for some modes.

3.Stainless Steel (440C) and Super-hard Ceramic (Si3N4) materials:

NPB® Bearings adopts improved refine stainless steel (9Gr18) with great corrosion resistance for inner/outer rings and rolling elements, we also produce super-hard ceramic rolling elements (Si3N4) for high wear resistance and high temperature resistance. The selection of high quality raw-material significantly enhances bearings’ durability and rotating speed, thus guarantees the overall performance of dental drills.

4.High-end Textile laminated fiber reinforced phenolic cage:

NPB® Bearings 100% concentrates on every detail and factor related to the product quality, either implementing the most rigid production standard in the workflows or selecting best components’ materials. Textile laminated fiber reinforced phenolic cage likes a kind of cloth with three layers of phenolic powder on its surface. The “cloth” will be rolled and dipped into chemical oil for at least 48hrs. After drying, it will be as hard as stone, and processed on the milling machine for specific shapes. The procedure will be repeated for 5 times to finish. By adopting such cages, with our P4/ABEC 7 precision, the bearings can reach about 18 months operation life at maximum 450,000 rpm speed, and can be working at a low noise and low vibration result. Since the chemical oil is incorporated into the cage during the process, its self-lubrication and corrosion-resistant properties are superb.

Above features deliver a great dental bearings of NPB® Bearings. We enhanced the capabilities and service life of the bearings several times at the same price, create a brilliant product values for our clients, and therefore become to the NO.1 bearing supplier with the most cost effective products.

Handpiece Bearing Maintenance

1.Clean external surfaces of handpiece.

2.Insert bur into chuck

3.Clean handpiece internally as follows

a.Spray handpiece cleaner or cleaner/lubricant into drive air turbine for 1 to 2 seconds.
b.Operate handpiece within a paper towel or other cover to purge used lubricant and debris
c.Repeat the spray/operation procedure until expelled fluid is absolutely clear.
d.Wipe external surfaces to remove expelled fluid.
e.Operate handpiece for 3-5 seconds, repeating until all fluid has been expelled.

4.Sterilize handpiece according to manufacturer’s instruction.

5.Cool handpiece to room temperature.

6.Apply two drops of lubricant into drive air tube.

7.Operate handpiece for 5 to 10 seconds within paper towel or other cover to purge excess lubricant.

8.Wipe external surfaces.

9.Handpiece is ready for use.

For exact bearing sizes,  please view our DENTAL BEARING TABLES.