Bearing Applications

Bearing Applications


NP® Bearings helps customers in all industries and for all bearing applications gain a competitive advantage, whether it is to simply reduce friction, lower cost, increase life, reduce maintenance, improve performance, prevent production downtime.

Choose a link below to see some of the bearing applications that NP® Bearings has developed by either industry or application.

Airsoft bearings

Ceramic airsoft bearings offer greater load handling than traditional nylon bushings, and lower rotational resistance than either nylon or steel bushings. This in turn, should lead us to a greater ROF… More About Airsoft Bearings

Automotive Bearings

Our miniature bearings can be supplied with a range of special lubricants in standard or low vibration grade as wiper motor bearings, alternator bearings, steering system bearings etc … More About Automotive Bearings

Bicycle Bearings

NP® Bearings’ thin-section bicycle bearings can be used as bottom bracket bearings, or hub bearings and are available with metal shields, or low friction seals and waterproof lubricants. If you are buying for your own bike or as a shop, there is no minimum order quantity … More About Bicycle Bearings

Brushless Motor Bearings

NP® Bearings has put together aftermarket and upgrade replacement Brushless Motor bearings to compliment these new work horses. Low noise bearings (EMQ or V2) and extra low noise bearings (EMQ2 or V3) can be supplied for noise or vibration critical bearing applications. These include miniature motors such as hard disk drive motors, servo motors, encoders, vcr capstan motors, vcr drum spindles and polygonal mirror scanner motors … More About Brushless Motor Bearings

Dental Bearings

SMOOTH AND QUIET, those are the attributes of a quality handpiece. It is the feel and sound that you want when you’re doing your best work. NP® Bearings’ radial ball bearings is installed in your surgical handpiece. You can be confident that your precision instrument contains high quality, reliable, and domestically produced … More About Dental Bearings

Food Machinery Bearings

Our stainless steel food grade bearings with approved food greases. It can be used as food industry bearings for example motor bearings or food conveyor bearings … More About Food Machinery Bearings

Fishing Reel Bearings

NP® Bearings have developed a full range of aftermarket fishing reel bearings. Many of our thin-section bearings are used as high spec reel bearings. Our EMQ2 low vibration bearings with oil lubrication spin freely and quietly. These low noise bearings are more popular than many hybrid ceramic bearings. As they are much quieter and smoother than the low grade hybrid bearings that are sold worldwide … More About Fishing Reel Bearings

Industrial Bearings

NP® Bearings is one of the most trusted names in industrial bearing supply. The reduction of rolling resistance and conservation of energy has been our hallmark since 2002. NP® Bearings never has a minimum order for wholesale accounts. It is a one stop shop for everything from prototyping … More About Industrial Bearings

Instrument Bearings

We hold stock of many sizes of high precision, oil lubricated or lubricant free instrument bearings for use in small measuring instruments … More About Instrument Bearings

RC Car & Truck Bearings

Whether you’re a competitive RC Car & Truck enthusiast or just someone who enjoys beating the pants off your buddies, we’ve got the RC bearings applications for you! We offer a full line of standard & ceramic hybrid bearings specifically suited to RC Cars & Trucks with both electric or gas powered. To make things easier for you we have compiled bearing kits and listed them according to the manufacturer … More About RC Car & Truck Bearings

RC Engine Bearings

NP® Bearings produce a unique bearing race (Offset Track) design is used that increases load capabilities. It is centering the balls in the middle of bearing race. This allows the bearing to continue to rotate smoothly when the crankshaft is subjected to harsh side and radial loads. A stronger, thicker bearing cage material (PA46) has been developed that allows the bearings to withstand high nitro content fuel and excessive temperatures. We offer a full line of standard & ceramic hybrid bearings specifically designed for today’s demanding RC Engines of bearing applications … More About RC Engine Bearings

RC Helicopter Bearings

NP® Bearings have been an industry leader in RC Helicopter bearing replacement since 2002. RC helicopters are model aircraft which are distinct from RC airplanes because of the differences in construction, aerodynamics, and flight training. The more maneuverable designs are often harder to fly, but benefit from greater aerobatic capabilities. We offer a full line of standard & ceramic hybrid bearings specifically designed for today’s demanding RC Helicopters of bearing applications… More About RC Helicopter Bearings

Skate Bearings

Whether you are a competitive skater looking for that extra edge or just a recreational skater looking to improve performance, NP® Bearings has plenty of bearing options for your inline skates, skates and skateboards with low noise and easy rotation. We offer a full line of standard & ceramic hybrid bearings specifically of bearing applications… More About Skate Bearings

Solar Cars & Concept Cars

Solar Cars and Concept car competitions have become a critical means for bringing new automotive technologies to market. A solar vehicle is an electric vehicle powered completely or significantly by direct solar energy. We offer a full line of ceramic hybrid bearings and full ceramic bearings specifically designed for solar cars… More About Solar Cars & Concept Cars Bearings

Yoyo Bearings

NP® Bearings has been an industry leader in Yoyo bearing replacement since 2002. We offer a full line of standard & ceramic hybrid bearings specifically designed for today’s demanding Yoyos of bearing applications… More About Yoyo Bearings

Regardless of your particular industry or application, NP® Bearings is uniquely able to leverage its cross-industry experience to provide you the best possible products and services.  If you would like some assistance selecting exactly the right product for your specific bearing applications, please take advantage of our bearing applications engineering services where we provide “Value beyond Bearing”.