Bearing White Papers

NPB® Bearings has consolidated our most requested ball bearing white pages into one convenient location. NPB® offers technical expertise available to assist with design and engineering of ball bearings for custom products. Available options include, but are not limited to, custom rings, retainers, balls, shields, seals, lubricants, and packaging. Whether a NPB® ball bearing is included in the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s design (OEM) or is installed in a high quality overhaul, the NPB® Bearings name is one you can trust.

The following pages contain ball bearing white papers to provide supplemental design data, published articles, and anecdotes to aid you in bearing selection and/or bearing design. For additional technical data relative to bearing design and attributes, please visit our Technical pages.

NPB® Bearings is regularly published in a number of technical periodicals, such as Machine Design, Motion System Design, Micro Manufacturing, Power Transmission Engineering, and others. Please view the individual ball bearing white papers to learn about ball bearing design news in real world applications.

As supplemental reading to the ball bearing white papers section, readers may wish to visit the NPB® ball bearings blog, which is regularly updated with news and commentary about ball bearings in general, NPB® company news, new products, and other topics of interest to ball bearing engineers.

For further assistance with bearing selection and design, please feel free to contact our engineering team, look at our online catalog and view our technical pages, or chat with a company representative right now!