Miniature Ball Bearings

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Product Offering

NPB® Bearings has a huge selection of Miniature Bearings and Instrument Series Ball Bearings with over 1000 models available. Precision tolerances from ABEC-1 through ABEC-9 are generally available for most miniature products. Typical bore sizes of miniature ball bearings start at 1 mm with an outside diameter a mere 10 mm. Chrome steel (52100) and Stainless steel (440C) precision miniature ball bearings in standard inch sizes and various metric sizes are manufactured at NPB® Bearings production facility. A variety of special features, including flanges, modified dimensions, and duplex designs are offered. Optional retainer and ball materials, coatings, and shield designs are available to meet the specific requirements of your application. Other major configurations include:

  • Open miniature ball bearings
  • Open, with extended inner ring miniature ball bearings
  • Shielded miniature ball bearings
  • Shielded, with extended inner ring miniature ball bearings
  • Sealed miniature ball bearings
  • Sealed, with extended inner ring miniature ball bearings
  • Flanged, open miniature ball bearings
  • Flanged, open, with extended inner ring miniature ball bearings
  • Flanged, shielded miniature ball bearings
  • Flanged, shielded, with extended inner ring miniature ball bearings
  • Flanged, sealed miniature ball bearings
  • Flanged, sealed, with extended inner ring miniature ball bearings


NPB® Bearings miniature and instrument ball bearings are built to the highest manufacturing standards with specific characteristics developed for  demanding applications. From simple fishing reels to advanced aircraft guidance instrumentation and everything in between, you can be confident of NPB® Bearings precision miniature bearings. We provide metric sizes for applications as varied as food processing and electric motor Miniature Bearings. We provide customers with rc bearings for remote-controlled cars, thin section bearings, ceramic bearing for bicycles, and skateboard bearings designed to provide a longer, smoother ride.

Miniature & Instrument Bearing Design

NPB® Bearings offers a range of retainer designs and materials including, but not limited to Crown, Ribbon, heat and moisture resistant Phenolic, and Torlon (polyamide-imide). The use of dissimilar materials can prevent component welding and extend the life of the bearing in a variety of applications.

To this end, we offer standard Chrome steel (52100) and 400C stainless steel or optional ceramic balls or titanium carbide coated 440C stainless steel balls in our miniature bearings and instrument bearings designs. NPB® Bearings are available with up to ABEC 9 tolerances (as defined by the American Bearing Manufacturers’ Association) with  an optional flanged outer ring.

Miniature bearings are supplied ready for use, complete  with your choice of bearing  lubricant.

Custom Products

NPB® Bearings has the capability to assist with design engineering for custom mini bearing products. Available options include, but are not limited  to, custom rings, retainers, shields, lubricants, and packaging.

Product Tables

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